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My Favorite Photo Spots in Los Angeles

Been calling myself blogger without a blog for the longest time, but then I decided (super spontaneously) to write this blog post - so here it is. Not sure yet, whether it's gonna be a one-time thing or not. So let me know what your thoughts and if you'd like me to blog about other cities or topics too! As an actress, I get to travel a lot and see beautiful places. Definitely one of the perks of this job. Of course, one city I get to see very often is Los Angeles. I've become to know this city so well and there's so many things I love about it, so that I want to let you guys know my favorite photo-spots. Here you can snap great pictures for Instagram or create personal memories of your trip to the city of angels.

Angel Wings by Collette Miller

First one's a little cheesy and not exactly a secret, but you should nevertheless get your picture in front of a pair of Collette Miller's angel wings from her global wings project - after all, it's the city of angels! You find a couple of them across the city, but my favorite one is the pink pair (looks great for guys too, believe me!)

Location: 8221 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood

Made in LA

Of course, Melrose Avenue is full of stunning murals and it would take too long to list them all (you should probably just plan time for a walk along Melrose anyways), nevertheless, I want to point out one more piece of art which makes for a perfect LA souvenir. The "Made in LA" mural.

Location: Cisco Home, 8025 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

Venice Beach

If you want to capture that California lifestyle there's probably no better place to do so than Venice beach. Grab your coolest pair of denims and sunglasses and head down to Venice! 

Downtown Los Angeles

For most cities it's really downtown where it all happens, not necessarily though for LA. Yet there's one spot I love for photoshoots: The Wiltern! Pose in front of the historic theatre for your perfect shot. 

Santa Monica

If you're looking to recreate that Baywatch moment, Santa Monica might just be the place for you. Pose in front of the ocean or the famous blue lifeguard houses. Of course, the pier always looks great too!

Roxy Theatre

Another legendary venue that should make your list is the Roxy on Sunset Strip. And if you have the chance, book tickets for a concert at the venue. 

Location: 9009 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood 

Rodeo Drive

This one isn't a secret either, but definitely a must for boys and girls that love that luxury lifestyle! Don't miss taking a picture on the legendary steps at Via Rodeo aka Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. 

@shannonstaller on instagram

@shannonstaller on instagram

Topanga State Park

One of my all-time favorite spots is Topanga State Park. If you're up for the 30min drive, you'll be rewarded with a stunning view over the city. Best time to do so: golden hour! Also, you have the possibility to book a horseback ride at one of the ranches in Topanga, which is not only a great experience but of course is also a great photo-op. 

@shannonstaller on Instagram

@shannonstaller on Instagram

Pink Motel

This picture was taken a couple of years ago while shooting the feature film «Shiner» (so sorry for the terrible filter I used back then, haha). But the pink motel and pink diner still are a great location for super cool photos! Both are actually all pink and there's a huge neon sign, which, especially at night, looks great. 

@shannonstaller on Instagram

@shannonstaller on Instagram


Final recommendation: go explore all the little backstreets or drive to the roof of the next parking garage you are in. These are usually super cool locations, especially during sunset. Try the deck of the Row DTLA parking facility for a stunning view of the skyline.

Hope you got the inspiration you where looking for. Poste the link to your pictures taken at these spots in the comments selection and let me know how it went! Also, I’d love to know whether there are any other cities or topics you’d like me to blog about. Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more updates about photo spots!


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